Our Team

Olive Wilson and Niamh Carter are our dedicated interior designers with decades of experience. Circa 2013 we have skilfully turned houses into warm and inviting homes, embarking on a smooth and flawless journey. We have gathered numerous loyal clients who vouch for our services and have returned time again. Sit with us at our seafront shop and relax while we take the reins. Our shop always has its door open, and our committed team are here to help you.

Interior Design Consultation

Our Partners

We have collected a trusted network of suppliers and partners in our business who help us sail the ship.

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Connolly Furniture Ltd. In Monaghan for more than ten years. For a decade, we have collaborated with them, crafting bespoke furniture pieces that perfectly match our clients’ styles and evolving trends.

Through our vast catalogue of furniture & décor, we supply and fit all pieces in your home establishing a distinct signature style that reflects your taste.

Our Trades

We have built a reliable and extensive network of tradespeople covering all aspects of building and design, including builders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, kitchen specialists, bathroom experts, and more. Whether you need assistance with a quick one-hour site visit to discuss kitchen plans and finishes, a single-room design, or comprehensive project management for a new construction or refurbishment, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise will save you from any headaches along the way.

Lets Get Started

Our clients often move from option to option over time, we all know when you start changing one thing in a room it often leads to more changes, we get that!  Talk to our team if you feel you might need a bespoke/hybrid option.

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